Spotlight on Amanda

My name is Amanda Domergue and I'm the creative genius behind Local Loves. And by "genius" I mean, super busy and tired mom. Moms are all geniuses anyway. But really, I'm a teacher with Charlestown Playhouse, I'm a mom to a 6 year old and 8 year old in Schuylkill Township and Phoenixville's number 1 fan! My husband and I moved here 11 years ago and had both of our children here. We've watched Phoenixville blossom and grow throughout the years and are so proud of our little town. We've made our best friends in Phoenixville and love the spirit of this part of the world. We wouldn't want to be anywhere else!

So, with my hometown love, I wanted to wear it on a shirt! But I couldn't find any that were not only a cool design, but a shirt I'd actually want to wear. It had to be soft, flowy and have that worn in feel. So I made them! I have an art and graphic design background and I knew that I could make something that I'd want to wear and others would too.

I'm beyond proud to have my designs in Refinery on Bridge Street. I love their pieces and to see Local Loves hanging on their racks has been a major accomplishment for me!

Moving forward, I hope to offer some Local Love to other towns in the area. West Chester, PA is next!


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