You are a strong, smart and beautiful woman. Take time to care for yourself. At Refinery, we care deeply about all of our customers.  We are here to make sure you feel good about all the beautiful things that make you, you.

We are proud to carry AnaOno. Founder and designer Dana made it her mission to design specifically for women who have had breast reconstruction, breast surgery, mastectomy, or are living with other conditions that cause pain or discomfort because she believes that beauty and comfort should not be a compromise. However, her undergarments are not just for women with cancer.  Her bras and lingerie are made with breast HEALTH in mind.  Soft and breathable material, easy enclosures, full coverage and no underwires ensure your comfort and health always.

Check out our line of Ano Ono products here: ANO ONO

Take some real time for yourself.  Lay around in your comfy underwear, read a book, take a bath or just take a breath. Here are some links to a some ways to relax and to focus on loving yourself.

-XOXO Refinery

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