It's your holiday, you can cry if you want to.

Dressing right for that holiday event can be stressful.  Whether you are visiting family, attending a work party or just hanging at home, we can help you dress your best.

Let's talk about family.  Holidays can bring out the best (worst) in all families.  While you want to look your best (show off to that one annoying cousin), you also want to be comfortable (dressed so you can eat and drink and run quickly out the door).  Start with a bright red top to show that you are in the holiday spirit. Pull on some stretchy but shiny jeans to stay cute and comfy.  Top it all off with with a cardi, because you never know how hot, or cold, Aunt Madge's house will be! 

*click on pictures to shop the look:


Do you have a work party to attend?  Whether it is a get together with co-workers or a dress to impress night out with the company, we have you covered.  Show them that you are not only the brains of the operation but you also bring the beauty. Try some of these on for size!


Staying at home?  You lucky duck.  You can still dress for those candid photos and surprise visitors!  Here is an outfit that says, "Oh, I didn't expect anyone to see me tonight! I always look like this."


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