Break out of the winter blues with color fun!

Do you start to feel tired and bland during the winter months?  At Refinery, we believe you should have fun in any weather.  If you love black, then wear it! Grey your color? Throw it on from head to toe.  However, mixing up your look with some fun color pairings will not only have a positive affect on your wardrobe but on your mood as well.

Here are some great mixes that are sure to please...

Pink and Red

This color combo became popular quite a few years back in the 90's but it still just as much fun. Try this pink On Chiffon with Can't Touch This jacket in dark red:

 Mustard and Black

Bumble bees have the right idea.  Mixing black with a brighter yellow and a sprinkling of white is refreshing, sharp and crisp.  Pair this Moon River Short Sleeve Maxi Dress with a black BLANK NYC X Factor Suede Jacket.

Green and Blue

Feeling blue?  Add a pop of green for a complimentary color pop.  Works well with blue jeans too and a cute green sweater.  Here we have Out to Lunch top in green and a blue plaid Meet Me in Detention skirt.


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